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  • Eric PASCUAL

    Eric PASCUAL

    Discovered computers back in 1977 and never quit them since then. System and software research engineer. Passionate by robotics, electronics and technology.

  • The Agile Crafter

    The Agile Crafter

    Eduardo Ortega, Software Developer (

  • Walid AO

    Walid AO

    Engineer, writer, wild thinker, and life-loving. FOLLOW ⤵

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    Co-Founder & CEO of Gado Images. I write, speak & consult about tech, privacy, AI & photography. Dig Deeper: or

  • Synced


    AI Technology & Industry Review — | Newsletter: | Share My Research | Twitter: @Synced_Global

  • Faisal Khan

    Faisal Khan

    A devout futurist keeping a keen eye on the latest in Emerging Tech, Global Economy, Space, Science, Cryptocurrencies & more

  • Will Lockett

    Will Lockett

    Looking to the future, from fighting climate change to life-changing personal development and revolutionary technology. Support me @

  • Tate Galbraith

    Tate Galbraith

    Software Engineer @mixhalo & die-hard Rubyist. Amateur Radio operator with a love for old technology. Tweet at me:

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