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Dunderless Python = Python -Dunder Methods

We All Love Python

Python is one of the programming languages I use the most. I started using it mostly for CTFs (for the fantastic pwntools framework) and ended up using it whenever possible.

We all love Python, but even Python got some pitfalls.

Double underscore should be…

I worked for a self-made billionaire: consulting for very influential CEOs, managers, and startup founders. I then switched to working with normal IT people: developers, cloud ops, etc. …

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Azure Function

Azure Functions is a serverless solution that allows you to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and save on costs. Instead of worrying about deploying and maintaining servers, the cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date servers needed to keep your applications running.

Durable Function

Durable Functions is an extension of Azure…

tl;dr Try to send a SIGTERM by using kill -15. After a few seconds, If It is not dead send a SIGINT (kill -2). Finally, If It persists send a SIGHUP (kill -1).

Author: Daniel StoriCC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The kill Command

kill is a shell builtin in most Bourne-derived shells such as Bash and Zsh. Let’s man it.

Here are the softwares I remember from that time. Some now have new epic versions. But I enjoyed the older version back at the time. Did you try any of these tools?

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Adobe Photoshop 7

Not need to introduce It. I had a lot of fun using the lasso tool to create awesome…

For each skill category, I cite the skill points that are recommended with links to video/text courses and some reference books at the end. I have no association with the author, and this is not a referral article. …

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As for all dynamic languages, there are few challenges to write robust and high-quality code. To cite the main ones:

  • As there are no indications on Types of the objects that are passed around, programs usually end up with runtime issues. …

Everyone around me continuously criticized Facebook et al. for ruining our family dinners, work meetings, and even weekend parties. Today, we praise them as the saviors of humanity in this pandemic age.

Covid-19 has pushed us into an anti-social life and work habits. Some argue that products like Facebook help…

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